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About us

Choco Lens was founded in 2008 with the intention to offer authentic, high quality lenses at affordable prices while still maintaining exceptional customer service. Choco lens imports lenses directly from Korean manufacturers to deliver you only the best products at the best prices. Our promise to you is 100% customer satisfaction.

Choco Eyes have a specific range of night market lenses and amazing coloured contact lenses for a more beautiful look in Richmond, BC. Order now with free shipping and buy colored contact lenses with natural designs online at and Our contacts lenses starting from $25!

Our Lenses Enhance Your Eyes

Whether it’s for a night out, special photo session or everyday use, we have the right lenses for you.
Many of our customers come from various backgrounds including wedding photographers who want a clean and natural look, club DJs who want to switch up their looks on stage, or women who want to complement their fashion edge.


For Bigger, Beautiful Eyes

Color Lenses can enhance or completely change up your look and style. Make your eyes shine.
We have a variety of lens styles and colours in both natural and extra large sizes. Whatever look you’re going for, find your style with Choco Lens


Internal Absorption Techonology brings the best comfort with non direct contact between eye and color printed area of the lens. Using U.S FDA approved safe pigments, coloured lines are printed by penetrating and absorbing into to lens material.



Precise molding and automated process minimize the errors in product specifications and optical parameters and bring the best comfort during use.



High resolution aspherical design provides less distortions, provides a clear view, and offers excellent vision correction.


Neo Vision‘s colour silicone hydrogel lens is made of elastic material which has higher oxygen permeability compared to conventional hydrogel lenses and has excellent comfort for long time use.
Using Aqua Capsule technology with great biocompatibility, it makes moisturizing factor and prevention of deposit, maintenance of surface gettability and water content. And this technology provides smooth lens surface of the lens, anti-bacteria effect, resistance against biofilms. Also we can expect easy cleaning of the lens and stabilization of tear film during use.


Contains biofriendly material MPC. The best colour silicon hydrogel lens developed in Korea.



Methacryloyloxyethyl phosphorylcholine(MPC), containing a phosphorylcholine group in the side chains is the most suitable monomer to mimic the phospholipid polar groups contained with cell membranes. It shows desirable interaction with living tissues.
MPC contains contact lens is strong for dehydration, increases the stability of tear film and improves the comfort during use.

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