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Plano Lenses


Plano means non-prescription. Click here to see our catalogue of popular lenses.

Prescription Lenses


For those who need corrective vision, without compromising style.

Crazy Lenses

Popular in special effects or costumes.

Popular in special effects or costumes. These crazy lenses make your eyes pop!

How to APPLY contact LENSES Take a look at simple video guide

Authentic, high quality Korean lenses with 100% customer satisfaction.

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Contact Lenses

Choco Lens was founded in 2008 with the intention to offer authentic, high quality lenses at affordable prices while still maintaining exceptional customer service. Choco Lens imports lenses directly from Korean manufacturers to deliver you only the best products at the best prices. Our promise to you is 100% customer satisfaction.
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Do you want cheap circle and contact colour lenses? We sell Cheap Circle & Colour Contact Lenses and Prescription Lenses or Non Prescription Contact Lenses and our amazing price range start from $25/pair with Free Worldwide Shipping.

How to Make Your Eyes Look larger and bigger by using our circle contact lenses. Choco Eyes have a largest Selection of Cheap Circle Lenses & Colored Contact Lenses.

Huge collection of beautiful lenses

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For the safety of your eye health. Read the instructions before wearing the lenses.